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5 Reasons to Rent a Bounce House

Bounce castles have always been a major hit with the kids. Irrespective of the occasion, if you have rented a bounce house, the kids have surely had a great time jumping and falling and laughing all day long. Bounce houses are considered as a fun package more so because it consists of obstacle courses, slides and games which keep the kids on the go. They love figuring their way around the castle especially because it seems like a mission. Now, a bounce house can be rented during both summer and winter. Although, most of the rental companies have a really busy summer renting out their products; winter in no way is any less busy for them. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, that will not be enough to stop the little ones from having a great time bouncing. And you will see the same thing happen in winter as well. Therefore, the following reasons should help motivate you to rent a bounce house in winter:

1. Birthday Parties:
Birthday parties cannot be a hit without a bounce castle; even if the birthday is during the cold winter months of November or December. Children are not easily affected by the cold months as we are. The bouncing castle actually helps them burn a lot of calories and also keeps them warm throughout their time bouncing. And also, it is rather unfair that the kids who have their birthdays in summer are the only ones who get to have a bounce house on their birthday, while the rest do not. You can further increase the fun quotient by renting a moonwalk, but just make sure the kids have an extra pair of socks on. Birthday parties can never be complete without the bouncing houses, so whether it is summer or winter you have to rent one for your child.

2. Church Winter Festivals:
During winter Churches from across the globe gear up for their festivals. And the sure shot method of having the best festival is by renting bounce castles, moonwalk and inflatable slides, to ensure that the children have a great time; and at the same time the parents get to relax while they are busy bouncing. The good thing about allowing the children to play on the inflatable castles is that they get to make new friends during the festival. During these church festivals, multiple families are seen to gather and that helps the children socialize more, since all of them end up together on the houses. This is especially beneficial for kids with poor interaction skills.

3. School Winter Festival:
Once the word spreads that you have rented inflatable equipments or jumpers, children will flock to the school. This is a great idea for a fundraiser, you can charge for entry and even for each turn on the jumper, which will help you generate a great amount of cash, since they can never be satisfied with one turn. The point is that it does not matter what the reason is for the festival, kids will come in large numbers and have a great time running around and enjoying the bounce castles.

4. Corporate Team Building:
Team building is all about functioning as a unit for a greater cause. During this time of the year corporations are seen to hold tea building initiatives. Although it sounds like a serious event, there has to be some level of fun involved since the main aim is to entertain the employees and their families. Therefore, what can be a better way of accomplishing that, than using the jumpers? Bouncing or running through obstacles of a bounce castle will keep them busy and entertained. Therefore, it is a guaranteed hit even during team building sessions.

5. No reason at all:
The holiday season is coming in, and what better way to spend it than having a great time with your kids in the backyard, jumping and running around? Just jump around and slide for hours, and that way you strengthen your bond with the kids and there really is nothing more enriching than family time. During this season, you will usually find yourself extremely busy buying gifts and sometimes when you feel the need to unwind, all you need to do is call in a couple of friends and have a great time bouncing.

Irrespective of which time of the year it is, you can just rent a castle and make it a fun experience. So next time you want to rent a jumper or inflatable slide be sure to give Bayou Bounce a call.

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Fun With Friends!

Space WalkWhen you throw a bounce house party, children can invite multiple friends and be entertained for hours. Since all kids seem to gravitate toward bounce houses, your child is sure to expect a full house on party day!

A bouncer is larger than life, and most of the residential-size inflatables can accommodate multiple children at a given time. Many have obstacle courses inside, and kids can compete with their buddies.

When one kid needs a rest, another can step in (though, if there are more than a few children present, it may help if an adult is nearby to ensure that everyone is taking turns fairly).

A Lively And Merry Appearance
Kids can’t get enough of the idea of prancing about in a brightly-colored, larger-than-life house! Manufacturers produce these bouncers in a myriad of colors, many of which are hues that children naturally gravitate to.

Some of the original bounce houses were circular or square in shape, while some resembled homes, hence their “bounce house” moniker. However, nowadays, you can find bounce houses in a variety of themes. There are animals, birthday cakes, and princess castles.

There are even cross-promotional houses that feature cartoon and movie characters that children enjoy. These bouncers can help bring a child’s fantasy into reality for their special day!

Playing Games Inside
A bounce house party does not have to consist of only aimless, random jumping about. You can play organized games in the house, as well. There is a wide range of playground games that are made even more interesting inside a bouncer.

Picture children playing “tag” or “Marco Polo” in an inflatable. Not only is it more enjoyable to skip around the bounce house than running across pavement or grass, but it is also much safer.

Children don’t have to worry about bumps, bruises, and skinned knees. The ground is soft and cushion-like, and there are padded sides that form a secure boundary around the play area.

Physical Activity
Another thrill that children get out of bounce house activity is the physical exertion. Kids love to move around, and physical activity has added health benefits. When kids play in the inflatable for hours on end, they are giving themselves quite the cardio workout.

The wholesome exercise experience also gives them an excuse to burn off excess energy. Instead of languishing inside playing video games, these children will exhaust themselves by the end of the day and will more than likely sleep for a restful eight hours that night.

Being Outside
Most children enjoy playing outdoors, especially in warmer weather. Playing outside in the sunshine provides kids with vitamin D, and they get to breathe in the crisp, clean air. A bounce house party gives kids a valid reason to join their friends outside and participate in wholesome play.

When it gets humid out, some bounce houses may even come with added pieces, such as water slides! You can actually construct your own miniature water park with inflatables and throw the coolest summer bounce house party ever!

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Jump Into Bounce House Safety This Summer

Summer block party season is here and that means inflatable bounce houses will be springing up in neighborhoods across the country. As kids jump into this fun summer activity it’s important to ensure they are safe.

“Bounce houses are a great way to get kids active and are considered a relatively manageable risk since severity of injuries is usually less than that of a trampoline. Still, injuries and fractures are fairly common from bounce house play, and parents need to supervise the children,” said Teresa Cappello, MD, pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at Loyola University Health System and Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

The most common bounce house injury in children occurs in the upper extremities, especially the elbow. The injuries usually are caused by a collision between jumpers, a fall onto an outstretched hand inside the bounce house or if a child falls out of the bouncer.

“Though bounce houses are a great source of entertainment for kids, they still require adult supervision. If you have a bounce house in your backyard or neighborhood party, please make sure a responsible adult is monitoring what’s going on at all times,” Cappello said.

Injuries inside bounce houses commonly happen when children of different ages and sizes are jumping at the same time. Cappello suggests parents place the children into small groups by age and size and have an adult at the entrance to ensure the appropriate kids are playing together and that no one falls out.

“I have had to take my own kids out of bounce houses because they were in danger. If you have a 4-year-old and 12-year-old bouncing together, someone is going to get hurt. Parents need to enforce the separation of ages when playing and have kids take turns in the house,” Cappello said.

It’s also important to limit the number of children in a bounce house at a time. If there are too many children, they are more likely to fall out of the entrance and injure themselves on the hard ground.

“It’s more fun for kids if they have space to jump and play, and it’s always a good lesson to learn to take turns. If you’re planning a party, add bounce house monitor to your list of volunteer duties. Adult supervision really is the best way to prevent injuries,” Cappello said.

If a child is injured Cappello says to separate the child out from the crowd and examine the injury. If there is a physical deformity or asymmetry in the extremities, she says to go immediately to the emergency room. If the extremity looks normal, it’s ok to wait until the next day. If the pain has not resolved, then it’s best to see a doctor .

“Often parents think if a child can move the arm, then it’s not broken. This is not always the case in kids. Many times children are able to move their arms even if there is a broken bone. If the child is still in pain the following day, even if the child can move the injured extremity, he or she should be seen by a physician and have an x-ray,” Cappello said.

As with all physical activities, bounce houses have their risks. But with adult supervision and a few rules, it can be a great physical activity for kids.

“All childhood activities have a certain level of risk of injury. As parents we have to realize kids will sometimes get hurt, but we need to be vigilant to help avoid them as much as possible and keep our kids safe from serious injuries,” Cappello said.

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